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The Artists of Your Ideas

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Benjamin Ho

Graphic Designer | Creative Director

With the ability to make anyone's ideas become reality through the use of a pencil or mouse, Ben took it upon himself to seize the creative lead to design all the gorgeous assets of every single one of our clients and to help everyone else in the team to do so just as well.

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Zachary Borja

Project Manager | Marketing Director | Account Representative

Working in other fields of business before, Zachary chose to leap into directing a team of eager professionals, experts in their field, to take on the design industry and launch those in need of carefully crafted works into the future, miles ahead of their competitors.

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Roberto Romero

Photographer | Videographer

Coming straight out of the freelancing world with certification in the creative industry, Roberto came along our journey to take on larger projects with our team. Bringing out his unique skill set and experience in the field, he captures the missions of all we work with.

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José Alvarado Torre

Programmer | Web Developer

Mastering the arts of programming, Jose began as our head of web development guiding the team through all the technicalities and intricacies of the web-based world and saving our clients, as well as the rest of us, weeks of difficulty without breaking a sweat.

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